A unique opportunity to own this domain name

Hi! Thanks for visiting eats.ly. You’re probably here to see some delicious food porn. Wet juicy steaks, crispy deep fried delights and toothachingly sweet treats. Unfortunately, eats.ly is no longer being maintained as a food porn blog – and it’s currently looking for a new home. The good news is that you could be the next Ron Jeremy of food porn, with a domain that recieves a cool 6,000 – 10,000 visitors a month looking to get their rocks and […]

Domain sales FAQ

Why should I spend more on a premium domain? In short, it can have a very positive effect on your business. A premium domain may provide better SEO, or a more memorable web address for your online venture. While a premium domain represents a bigger up-front investment than an available domain, the long-term payoff of having a perfect domain, rather than settling for something that isn’t quite right, can be substantial.   How much does a premium domain cost? It […]

Want to host your own blog?

If you’re going to buy a great domain, you’re going to want some great hosting to go along with it. Eats.ly is currently for sale – and with those 10,000 monthly visitors you’re going to need a good hosting plan to serve them awesome content. Thankfully, hosting doesn’t have to be expensive to be of high quality.  We’ve partnered up with Siteground to give you an amazing deal on hosting, that’ll have you running smoothly well into 100,000 visitors and beyond! […]